grooming for your dogs and pets.

Everything you need to know about the grooming of your dog

If you want to know the correct way to do the grooming of your dog do not stop reading the following article. It is very important to follow a daily routine for this task, so you can establish a link with your pet, as well as take care of their grooming.

Thanks to the daily brushing you can eliminate dead hair and parasites that our dogs may have brought from his daily walk. To get good results you will have to choose a special brush, which suits the size of the dog and its type of hair.

Grooming is a good time to check the eyes, ears, legs and teeth.

Nail cutting in dogs.

nail cutting in dogs

If the dog normally walks on surfaces that are hard, like the pavement, the nails will not grow too much. In the event that you do not, a periodic nail cut will be required so you can walk comfortably. It is important to ask the veterinarian or a hairdresser with experience in dogs so you do not hurt him. This not only improves the grooming of your dogs, but also makes your dog feel more comfortable.

Care of the ears and eyes.

ear exam dog

Both the eyes and the ears of our dogs should always be kept clean. To clean the eyes you can use a wet cotton gauze in warm water, with it clean the area around your eyes.

The same can be done with the ears, but you should not get too inside, the inside of the ears of dogs is a very sensitive region. This can be a significative improvement for the grooming of your dog and it can prevent a possible eye disease

Care for the gums and teeth of dogs.

Care for the gums and teeth of dogs.

Many of the cares required by the teeth and gums of the teeth can be difficult to give, brushing teeth to the dogs can be complex, so it is necessary to ask the veterinarian some advice to do it in a practical way and without bothering too much.

Many of the balanced foods have specific components designed for the care of teeth and gums of dogs, so you can reduce the accumulated tartar by up to 80 percent.

Haircut in dogs.

grooming dogs

Dogs that have curly fur require a haircut at least every six or eight weeks. Pets that have softer coat will need a cut every three months. In case you have doubts at this point nothing better than consulting with the breeder, veterinarian or specialist hairdresser.

We must always be care of our best friend, who gives us the joys in the home, the one who fills us with those happy moments and what better way to please him day by day with a varied quality of affection combined with good treatment that improves the grooming of your dog, in this way we guarantee a longer life for our pet, prevent possible pathologies of poor care and maintain the necessary connection between the owner and his best friend.

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