Climate change affects dogs, here are some tips to help you take care of your pet during sudden weather changes.

How does climate change affect our dog´s health ?

When we decide to bring a new furry member into our lives, we do so with the intention of staying with us until the end of their days. We provide all the necessary care to make them happy, comfortable and above all, safety with our family. If for whatever reason we have to move to a place that have a different kind of climate, we do not hesitate a moment and we take our furry. But you ever wondered how does climate change affect our dog’s? To avoid health problems, i’ll explain below what you should do to make sure everything goes well.

Moving to a colder country or area with your pets.

colder country or area moving with your dogs

If you go to an area with a colder climate, it is normal that the body (both your dog and yours) need a time-maybe, months-to get used to it. During that time, especially if you have short hair, it is advisable to keep it well and avoid leaving the house in the coldest hours, which are those of the morning and those of the night.

Also, you should look for a place in the house that is warm, because if it warm it might not affect to much about the health of our dog’s, but be careful with radiators and other sources of heat. If is necessary, have it with the coat also inside the house; this will reduce the risk of burns more, since it will be kept at a greater distance from these sources.

As for rides, you should not leave it at home 24 hours, unless it rains is very windy. At least, the first months the walk should last about 20 minutes, that will make habituate our dog’s to the new climate. As time passes, you should lengthen it further.

And if we talk about the bathrooms, a trick to prevent disease is to get a hot air fan and have it turned on in the bathroom with the door closed 30 minutes before bathing. Then, you can bathe the dog well. Do not forget to dry it well with a towel.

Little by little, you and our dog’s will get used to a cold climate of the country to which you are going to move and these changes will already be something present in your day to day

Relocate to a warmer country or area with your furry friends.

In general, getting used to a warmer climate is much easier than doing it in a colder climate. Still, you have to take some measures to make sure that your dog is going to feel really comfortable. The first and most important thing is to avoid sunbathing during the central hours of the day. If you want love it, put sunscreen on dogs, but do not leave it too long.

Another issue that you will have to solve are the parasites. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes. So to avoid damaging your dog, you have to put some antiparasitic (pipette, collar, spray, pills) that the veterinarian can recommend, that can improve very positively the dog’s health.

Anyway, for everything to go smoothly you have to keep in mind that there are dogs that are more related to some types or climate changes than others. For example, Nordic dogs are very used to low temperatures, but they have a really bad time in warm climates; On the other hand, those with short hair like chihuahua or Mallorcan thieves are more comfortable for warm climates but will need a lot of help if they are taken to cold climates.

Little by little and with time you will get used to the new country and its high temperatures, but do not hesitate to take your dog to the vet if you see that he has diarrhea, vomiting, lack of appetite or wanting to leave, since the professional in canine health will be the most indicated to help you solve your health problem and give you keys to adapt better to the new climate that you have to face.

Does this information about climate change affects to dog’s help you? Leaves us a comment!

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