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How to know if your dog is happy or not ?

Have you ever wondered how your hairy friend feels? Like us dogs need love. His eyes will shine like never before, you’ll see his tail move from side to side and it’ll even happen every time he sees you, this due to the attachment that your dog has towards you. But if you don’t spend time with him and only care to keep his food and water dishes filled and keep all vaccinations up to date, he will be sad and downcast, and we know that’s what you do not want for your dog. In this article, we will give you signs that your dog is happy or not by your side, read carefully.

Signs that your dog is happy

1. He likes to be close to you

Dog tongue kissing his owner

Your dog is on you when you are sleeping or on your couch enjoying a series, reading a book or chatting with another person, this means he likes to be with you, and enjoy having contact with you. Give him the caresses he seeks, and believe me he will be the happiest dog of all.

2. He wags the tail like crazy

dog staring at the camera wagging the tail

While you are out of your home, at your university, work, visiting your colleagues, and then after you enter your dog wags his tail like crazy, this will be a more than a clear symptom that your dog is happy, even though when you take him for a walk, do exercises or play with him, it’s a sign that your dog is the happiest in the world.

3. Legs up

dog laid back on bed smiling

At the moment when your furry friend is on his back lying on the ground or on the bed with his legs up is for you to scratch his belly, it’s a sign of confidence due to the position he is in, believe me, the dogs love the physical contact.

4. Nose to your legs

dog taking a selfie

It’s a sign of happiness on your dog when he sits next to you and rests his nose on your leg. Its meaning is that he feels happy only when he’s by your side, The time you spend with your dog is very important because depending on the time you spend the more happiness will show you. Sometimes he does this to thank you for buying fun toys and high-quality food for him, it’s his way of showing he’s happy about that.

5. Play with you

dog playing with a kid

In your school you sure chose the best in your class to form teams, like you, your furry friend will look for the best, in this case, this is you! And if you are the chosen one it means you are very important to him.

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6. He winks at you

dog sleeping being pamper

You’ll think that you’ll be falling asleep, due to the caresses that you do to him and he will be very comfortable. This will cause his eyes to start closing slowly and he will wink at you. This is a sign of confidence, and that your dog is very happy.

But what happens when it’s the other way around?

How to know if your dog is unhappy

This is caused by bad experiences, lack of walks in the park, and lack of attention. It’s very important to know the moments when your dog is unhappy so you change the whole routine and spend more time with your furry friend. When your dog is unhappy he will sleep badly at night, this is caused by not spending or using the energies of that day. That is why it is recommended to play with your canine. At the time of unhappiness, it will be very difficult for your dog to socialize with other dogs. You will notice by observing the actions, every gesture he makes, and activities that your dog performs during the day, depending on his mood you will notice if your dog is happy or not.

Having a dog does not only mean having his bowl full, taking it to every appointment on time with the veterinarian, dogs as people need affection. By taking him to your home you are not only giving a place in your home, you’re giving him a place in your family. It’s recommended for keeping your dog happy, What would you feel if you were in a place alone with no one to have fun, talk or share time with?

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