Know some myths about canine teeth

Myths about your dog’s dental health

Most dogs at 3 years old already have dental problem. These can be serious and can even cause problems in the general health of your pet and it could be worse for your dog’s dental health.

Your dog’s mouth can say a lot about your health, but there are several myths and misconceptions that can sometimes confuse you about your furry’s dental health. Know here what these myths are, in order to pay more attention to your dog’s mouth.

It is normal for your dog to have bad breath.

Do not! No dog can have bad breath, this is synonymous with a health problem or a problem related to the gums, such as gingivitis. If your dog’s breath is strong, take it to the veterinarian since not always have some bad smell comes from cavities, it can also be a digestive problem.

You can use human toothpaste on your pet.

Human toothpaste contains fluoride, which can be toxic to pets. Always use formulas created especially for your dog.

They can clean their teeth by chewing toys and or raw bones

This also not be true, can be very dangerous because raw bones may cause wounds in the mouth of your hairy and even in a more complicated situation, they can be stuck inside the mouth. Although your dog can play with toys made especially for the cleaning of his mouth, it does not mean that these will keep him healthy, he always has to complete with tooth brushing to ensure a good cleaning.

Dogs with dental pain do not eat

If you are waiting for the first symptom of poor dental health in your pet to show signs of pain, this will not happen, as your survival instinct is very strong and keeps you eating despite the pain. So do not wait until your dog shows pain or discomfort, take him to regular checkups to know the state of his mouth, aswell his dental health.

The mouth of dogs is cleaner than that of humans.

Most pet owners believe this myth, but it is not true. The anatomy of dogs is similar to that of humans, so like us, plaque also builds up between your teeth and this in turn can cause dental problems and more harmful bacteria in your hairy mouth.

Nothing helps prevent your pet’s dental problems.

This is not true, just like humans, dogs can also prevent dental health problems with good hygiene and daily brushing.

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