12 Inch Beef Jerky Gullet Sticks (10 pcs)

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Quantity: 10

Odor: Odor Free

Ingredient: Beef Esophagus


Nutritional Information:

Crude Protein :80% (min)

Crude Fat: 1% (min)

Crude Fiber: 2% (max)

Moisture :17% (max)


What Are SuperCan Gullet Sticks ?

Gullet Sticks are Single Ingredient Dehydrated Esophagus Beef Sticks.

Beef Jerky, Beef Wraps, Beef Strips or Taffys for Dogs Are all different names shapes for these delicious All Natural treats. We got them all.


Healthy teeth:

Your dog can’t complain of a toothache, that’s for sure. But he could be hurting without you noticing anything out of the ordinary because all animals hide their pain well.

If you think that bad teeth can’t be a serious issue for your dog health, think again. Dental problems might lead to life-threatening infections if you don’t detect the problem on time. That’s why it’s imperative that you take a good care of your pet teeth.

Bully sticks and brushing your dog’s teeth regularly can help you do that.

Since these healthy dog treats are tough and don’t break easily, your dog will spend a significant time chewing on them, which will strengthen the teeth. Moreover, the mechanical chewing motion reduces the build-up of plaque and tartar and cleans the teeth thoroughly.

That’s not all. Using these healthy treats as a dog chew prevents gingivitis, bleeding, loose or decay teeth.

  • Joint Support: Gullet Sticks are a great source of Chondroitin which improves your dogs joint health and ligaments. These Beef Sticks Chews are recommended for all Breeds.
  • High protein content:

Even though dogs are considered omnivore animals, they still need a lot of protein in their diet. Since Gullet sticks are made of 100 % beef, they contain around 80-85% animal protein and only about 1-5% of fat.

The high protein and the low-fat make these natural dog treats a healthy choice for any dog, especially if they have a weight problem.

Nevertheless, moderation is necessary. An average 6-inch stick would have around 90 calories or about 10% of the daily requirement for a 50-pound dog. Take that into account and don’t overindulge your pet, no matter the sad puppy eyes begging for just one more.

  • Easy on the stomach:

Unlike a rawhide dog chew, bully sticks are easier to digest because they are made of natural ingredients and contain only beef. They break down completely once in the stomach of your pet, and the risk of a blockage is almost non-existent. These natural dog treats also don’t contain any bones, so there is no danger of a sharp bone piece getting stuck in Roxy’s the stomach.

But keep an eye on your pet while he is chewing on his treat and take it away when it gets small enough to pose a choking hazard.




Glucosamine and Chondroitin are an important part of your dog’s diet. They help form and repair body tissues, joints and ligaments common on aging or senior dogs.

Beef Tracheas are a Natural Source for Glucosamine and is known for helping prevent Dog arthritis.

What are some of the Dog Symptoms when suffering from Arthritis or has any joint issues?

– Depression

– Difficulty getting up

– Licking of the affected joints

– Lagging behind on walks

Proteins help your dog grow, build muscle and support energy levels that is why, veterinarians suggest 28% of your dogs diet is comprised of protein.

SuperCan Beef Tracheas contain 63% min Crude Protein while being a delicious treat to eat every day.

Chewing on healthy treats help maintain clean teeth and healthy gums. While chewing dogs scrap away plaque and tartar from their teeth providing an important improvement in dogs over all dental health.
SuperCan Beef Jerky Variety:
– 6″ Gullet Sticks
-12″ Gullet Sticks
-6″ Beef Jerky Strips
-12″ Beef Jerky Strips
-6″ Braided Gullet Sticks
-12″ Braided Gullet Sticks
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At SuperCan Bully Sticks we are always committed to produced Top Quality Dog Treats and Chews for your pups. All our 6″ Beef Esophagus Sticks treats are made from selected Free Range, Grass Fed beef at our own plant to ensure the most delicious, Natural, Crunchy Gourmet Treats.

Feeding Instructions :

Please monitor your Dog while feeding these Gourmet natural treats, they are fully digestible however, please always provide a fresh supply of drinking water for your pup.

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10 pcs


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