12 inch Happy Pack

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  • 1-THE PERFECT DOG TREAT MIX: Our 12-inch Happy Pack for Dogs is the Perfect Balanced Variety Treat Pack. Containing the Most Delicious Treats for Your Dog All in one Bag. Starting with our No Odor Bully Sticks, Beef Trachea rich in Glucosamine Improving Your Dogs Joints, our Best Seller Pig Ears, Braided Bully Sticks that super Long Lasting and Beef Jerky Sticks for Dogs. No better gift for Pups ever.
  • 2-EXCELLENT RAWHIDE ALTERNATIVE FOR DOGS- Free of Chemicals and Preservatives High in Proteins and Low in Fat. A Mix of Treats for Dogs that will keep him Bussy and Happy for a long time.
  • 3-USDA/FAD Approved: All Our SuperCan Products are made with Human Graded Free Range Grass Fed Beef for a Super Healthy Bite.
  • 4-DOG TREAT SIZES: SuperCan Bully Sticks also has a 6″ Happy Pack, a Perfectly Balanced Variety Pack for Small and Medium Breed Dogs.
  • 5- SuperCan Bully Sticks is HEALTHY, NUTRITIOUS & DELICIOUS, ask your Dog

At SuperCan Bully Sticks we are always committed to produced Top Quality Dog food for your pups. All our Dog treats are made from high qualityFree Range and Grass Fed Beef. Our Odorless Bully Sticks come in a large variety of pieces, sizes and weights from JUNIOR to MEGA MONSTERS.




Product: 12-inch Happy Pack

Contain: 3 Pcs 12″ Jumbo Bully Sticks, 1 Pce 12″ Beef Tracheas, 2 Pcs 12″ Braided Bully Sticks, 2 Pcs 12″ Beef Esophagus, 2 Pcs Pig Ear, 4 Pcs Beef Tendons

Country of Origen: Colombia

Odor: Odor Free

Ingredient: Bull Pizzle, Beef Tracheas, Beef Esophagus, Pig ears and Beef Tendons


Nutritional Information:

Crude Protein :80% (min)

Crude Fat: 1% (min)

Crude Fiber: 2% (max)

Moisture :17% (max)


Other Benefits:

– Promotes Healthy Teeth and Gums

– Natural Protein Source, low in Fat

Feeding Instructions :

Please monitor your Dog while feeding these Gourmet natural treats, they are fully digestible however always provide a fresh supply of drinking water for your pup.

What are bully sticks? There is a reason why some people are acting weird when you mention bully sticks to them. You see, these natural dog treats are made of one particular bull part that no one wants to talk or think about. We are talking about the bull’s pizzle and Dogs Love them. SuperCan bully sticks are a single-ingredient all Natural dog treat, which consists only of 100% Free Range Grass Fed Colombian beef. There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients added during our production process.


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