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Our pets mean a lot to us, which is why we should do everything we can to ensure they stay happy and healthy. At SuperCan Bully Sticks, we help improve canine wellness by providing premium dog treats that are hand-selected for your dog’s enjoyment. If you’re looking for something to really please your dog, you’ve come to the right place. View our 12-inch Jumbo Bully Sticks for dogs to order yours.

Caring About Animals

As lifelong animal lovers, our team at SuperCan Bully Sticks is passionate about providing high-quality and all-natural treats for all of our furry friends. Our 12-inch Jumbo Bully Sticks are the perfect solution for any health-conscious dog owner, as our products are made with your canine’s well-being in mind. Trust our products to help keep your dog occupied and happy without any added fillers, preservatives, or chemicals.

Ensuring the Best Products

We understand that our products are going straight to your dog, so we take great care throughout the entire process to hand-pick, cut, inspect, and package our Bully Sticks so they are exactly what you and your dog want. All of our products are made from 100-percent free-range, grass-fed Colombian cattle, which are a source of high protein and low fat.

The treats also promote healthy teeth and gums, helping your dog enjoy dental care. With a delicious taste yet healthy contents, our top-quality Bully Sticks are the perfect solution for your dog!

Providing More Information

Are you searching for something healthy and all-natural to treat your dog to? Order your Bully Sticks from SuperCan Bully Sticks today. To learn more about our process or the benefits of our products, get in touch with our team. Give us a call at 1 888 203 4330, or feel free to send us an email to info@supercanbullysticks.com.

12-Inch Jumbo Bully Sticks for Dogs

  • Single Ingredient (Happy Beef)
  • Low Fat Dog Treats
  • 100% Digestible
  • Promotes Healthy Teeth and Gums
  • No preservatives, No chemicals
  • 100 Percent Natural 
  • Healthy Top Quality Food
  • High Protein source

Our Guarantee Average weight on each bag is standardized by the following chart:

Size  Average      Size  Average
6“ Junior 12 g – 0.42 oz      12“ Junior 15  g – 0.79 oz
6“ Standard 19 g – 0.67 oz      12“ Standard 40 g – 1.41 oz
6“ Thick 30 g – 1.02 oz      12“ Thick 58 g – 2.05 oz
6“ Jumbo 39 g – 1.38 oz      12“ Jumbo 77  g – 2.72 oz
6“ Monster 52 g – 1.80 oz      12“ Monster 94 g – 3.32 oz
6“ MegaMonster 62 g – 2.47 oz      12“ MegaMonster  112 g – 3.95 oz
Crude Protein  81.2 % min
Crude Fat   1.8 %  min
Crude Fiber      2 %  max
Moisture    15 %  max

SuperCan Jumbo Bully Sticks Recommendations:

Feeding your pup with one bully stick a day.
Storing your bully sticks in the original zip lock bag under cool conditions

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