6 Inch Standard Bully Sticks

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6 Inch Bully Sticks for Dogs

At SuperCan Bully Sticks, we truly have a deep love for dogs of all shapes and sizes. We first started making natural and homemade treats for our own dogs, and after discovering that our furry friends loved their healthy goodies, we decided to expand our business and share our treats with the world.

If you’re looking for 6-inch bully sticks for dogs, you’ve come to the right place. View our 6-inch bully sticks and more today.

Delicious All-Natural Treats

Show your canine friend that you care by giving them the gift of delicious, all-natural dog treats. Our treats are made with 100-percent Colombian cattle that are free-range and grass-fed. These treats are a great option for dogs, as they have no preservatives or chemicals, are 100-percent digestible, and are created from just one single ingredient — beef!

Healthy and Beneficial Options

Your dog’s health is important, and what you decide to feed them makes a huge difference in their general well-being. Our bully sticks offer a high source of protein with a low-fat intake, making them a healthy treat in comparison with other popular dog snacks. These bully sticks are also great for promoting healthy gums and teeth and are completely digestible.

Top-Quality Products

To ensure our clients receive the best products for their dogs, our team hand-selects all bull pizzles and dehydrates them at our family-owned and locally operated plant in Colombia. We also carefully cut, inspect, and package all of our products to guarantee the satisfaction of both you and your canine buddy.

Loving and Family-Owned Business

There’s nothing we love more than being able to follow our dreams of providing high-quality and all-natural dog treats to our clients. If you’re looking to purchase your own 6-inch bully sticks for your dogs, we encourage you to order through our website today.

For any questions, or for more information on what we do, please call at 1 888 203 4330, or feel free to send us an email at info@supercanbullysticks.com.

Supercan Bully Stick Benefits

  • Single Ingredient (Happy Beef)
  • Low Fat Dog Treats
  • 100% Digestible
  • Promotes Healthy Teeth and Gums
  • No preservatives, No chemicals
  • 100 Percent Natural 
  • Healthy Top Quality Food
  • High Protein source

Our Guarantee Average weight on each bag is standardized by the following chart:

Size  Average      Size  Average
6“ Junior 12 g – 0.42 oz      12“ Junior 15  g – 0.79 oz
6“ Standard 19 g – 0.67 oz      12“ Standard 40 g – 1.41 oz
6“ Thick 30 g – 1.02 oz      12“ Thick 58 g – 2.05 oz
6“ Jumbo 39 g – 1.38 oz      12“ Jumbo 77  g – 2.72 oz
6“ Monster 52 g – 1.80 oz      12“ Monster 94 g – 3.32 oz
6“ MegaMonster 62 g – 2.47 oz      12“ MegaMonster  112 g – 3.95 oz
Crude Protein   86 % min
Crude Fat      3 %  min
Crude Fiber      1 %  max
Moisture    10 %  max

Supercan Bully Sticks Recommendations:

Feeding your pup with one bully stick a day.
Storing your bully sticks in the original zip lock bag under cool conditions


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