1″ Trachea Bites: 8oz






HEALTHY: SuperCan Beef Tracheas or also called Windies are a 100% Natural Dog Chew, Single sourced from Human Graded Free Range Grass Fed Cattle. Beef Trachea Chews are a Rich Sourced for Glucosamine and Chondroitin which are know to improve Dogs Joints and Hips Health

NUTRITIOUS: Beef Tracheas are a High Protein and Low Fat Dog Treat that will complement Dogs healthy daily diet

SAFETY & QUALITY: All SuperCan Dog Treats and Chews are made at our own Production Plant under strict USDA and FDA Safe Quality Food Protocols ensuring nothing but the safest and most delicious all natural high quality dog treats and chews.

DOG CHEW SIZES: For Puppies or Small Dogs we offer the 1″ 8oz Trachea Jar or the 3-inch Beef Trachea Pack, For Medium and Larger Dog breeds the 6-inch and 12-inch Beef Tracheas

DOG FEEDING TIPS: Beef Tracheas can be feed to your Dog Daily. Please keep in mind to hydrate your dog after chewing and eating any Treats. Beef Tracheas are a Natural and Healthy Alternative for Rawhide Skin.


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