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What are bully sticks ?

There is a reason why some people are acting weird when you mention bully sticks to them. You see, these natural dog treats are made of one particular bull part that no one wants to talk or think about. We are talking about the bull’s pizzle and Dogs Love them.

How Safe are Bully Sticks ?

To find the answer, let’s take a look at how SuperCan bully sticks are made. First, the bull’s private parts are cleaned, hung, and stretched at our facility. Then they get perfectly, oven baked or smoked. The result is a 40-inch long stick, which is then cut into smaller pieces, we offer 6” bully sticks, 12” bully sticks, 6” braided bully stick, 12” braided bully sticks, twisted bully sticks, spiral bully sticks and 3” and 4” bully rings.

The conclusion is that SuperCan bully sticks are a single-ingredient all Natural dog treat, which consists only of 100% Free Range Grass Fed Colombian beef.
There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients added during our production process. Moreover, at SuperCan Bully Sticks we offer Odor Free bully Sticks, which don’t have any chemicals in them.
You can safely give these treats to your dog and watch him devour them with joy.

Benefits of bully sticks

Bully sticks are not only an excellent choice for your pet because they are yummy (according to some dogs I know), but they also have many health benefits for your loyal companion. Let’s see what they are:

  • Healthy teeth

Your dog can’t complain of a toothache, that’s for sure. But he could be hurting without you noticing anything out of the ordinary because all animals hide their pain well.

If you think that bad teeth can’t be a serious issue for your dog health, think again.

Dental problems might lead to life-threatening infections if you don’t detect the problem on time. That’s why it’s imperative that you take a good care of your dogteeth.

Bully sticks and brushing your dog’s teeth regularly can help you do that. Since these healthy dog treats are tough and don’t break easily, your dog will spend a significant time chewing on them, which will strengthen the teeth. Moreover, the mechanical chewing motion reduces the build-up of plaque and tartar and cleans the teeth thoroughly.

That’s not all. Using these healthy treats as a dog chew prevents gingivitis, bleeding, loose or decay teeth.

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